Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alex (Moso) and Alberto (Gordos)

These are my cute nephews. My only brother Alex and his kids are sleeping on top. The middle picture is Alberto (named after his late uncle) and big brother down at the bottom Alex Jr. They are so big. I have not been around them as much as I would like with us living in Utah and them in Arizona. We are really good about keeping in touch. My kids are always asking for there cousins and saying how much baby Paco acts like his cousins. I have always said that my baby is the spitting image of my brother Alex but he so acts like his Dad.
This picture was taken on Friday the 13th. Ruben has been taking care of him on Fridays since his job cut back on hours. Before I leave I always remind him to make sure and dress Paco before they leave to go anywhere to never take him dressed in his PJ's. So this was the picture he sent me in order to shut me up about making sure he does certain things with the baby.

Alex(Moso) and Albert


I was talking to my dad the other day and he was telling me about this little "TIFF" him and his mother-in-law (my grandma) had. She feels really bad because she lives with my parents and feels like she is too much of a burden for them. Let me just add that my other grandma also lives there and has lived there for over 20 years...with that in mind let me also add that for a good portion of those +20 years she really did not like my mom(i have always told my mother that she has earned the celestial kingdom with putting up with her). So going back to my dad he was a little fed up with grandma margarita and told her that there is no need for her to feel that way. He enjoyed having her around and that she was never in anybodies way. He loved the fact that my mother could take care of her and vice versa. The funniest thing he said was "You know what mother-in-law you and Hortencia (MY MOM) are so alike and believe it or not Araceli is just like you two and I am sure that my 3 granddaughters are pretty sure going to end up like you all. So please quit you arguing you are not going anywhere and that is THAT!" My grandmother Margarita has just been diagnosed with Cancer. How advance? What type? Is she going to go through treatment? We have all asked ourselves these questions time and time again. I've had a few rough nights because this lady is an Amazing woman to me. She became a widow at the age of 41 never remarried and raised 7 children all on her own. She has suffered and enjoyed so much of life that for me to imagine her this way is just too much. She practically helped raise us. She really has not improved since my brothers passing. Everything seem to go downhill with him leaving us the way he did. Grandma Ana (dads mom) is also going through a rough time. She recently fell and broke her hip and had surgery which has been really hard for her to fully recover. Unfortunately, she having had 3 children only counts with the support of 1 my father. Thank goodness that with time she was able to get over her ill feelings about my mom and knows she can also count with her help. These three ladies have been through so much I am just truly grateful for the women in my life and hope to live up to there expectations.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So these little brackets first of all are EXPENSIVE!!! I had to get that out:> Anyways, like I said expensive and painful. For those of you who read this blog and maybe are not married yet a word of advise. Make sure that you and your future spouse are compatible in the baby making. Unfortunately in my family we have BIG teeth and in Rubens they have small jaws. So that combination screwed my poor daughter up MAJORLY. Every time 1 tooth was going to come out the dentist had to pull 2 teeth just to allow it the Much needed space. And to top it off she also wears GLASSES!!! OH well everyone has to go through their weird stage eventually.