Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Sunday

Oh well, never said that I would do it in order. So I just wanted to share the most recent pics of the kids which are way cute. Unfortunately, we only have pics of 2 out of the 5 so enjoy what i have for now. The cute outfits are from Grandma Pineda, the rest of the kids look great to but we were late for church and we had to rush it. Also, it was a pretty amazing day because to top it off we had the Missionary's over for dinner.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

YEAH....Spring break!!!

What to do for Spring Break. Well the original plan was to head down to Phoenix and visit my side of the family. Since both of my grandmothers are not doing so well that was the plan but things do not always turn out the way you want them. So instead we are here, still in UTAH, with the cold, crazy weather in UTAH and in our house. I thankfully was given these days off since the original plan was to go out of state since the plans have changed I still kept my days off also because we had already told my mother-in-law that we were going and she made plans of her own. So why the change of heart. Not my choice obviously. Ruben's job is not doing so great but for the past two-three weeks they have been busy and they have been giving a lot of there orders to Ruben which means better pay but could also be...well lets leave it at that. So we could not just get up and go right now not with the amount of work he has WHICH is GOOD. Usually, I have to admit I get really sad that I can't see my family but I understand that when we can we can and that when we can't we can't. Today is the 1st day of spring break and what did we do to celebrate we woke up LATE. We get up, well Ruben and I get up everyday @ 5 a.m. but the kids get up @ 6 a.m. so today like always I get up take care of Ruben's breakfast and lunch and head back to sleep. AND I did not wake up until 7:30 am and 3 of the kids woke up about 7 a.m. and the baby around 8 a.m. but Natasha woke up about 9:30-10 a.m. She really knows how to take advantage of her BREAK.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fast Sunday

So have you fasted lately as a Family? Well we did recently and it was a great experience. I have to admit I was impressed with the kids and the effort they put into it. Ruben kept reminding me that if Mitchelle and Aisha couldn't finish the fasting that it would be OK since they are the youngest of the bunch but he kept reminding me that I had to follow through. Every time I have ever tried to fast I literally don't make it since I suffer of LOW BLOOD SUGAR and if I don't have something to eat at a certain time I seriously feel sick to my stomach, so with that in mind I really did all I could to make sure and set a good example. So we started fasting Saturday night and that was a good idea. We woke up Sunday and they always run to the kitchen to see what I made and this time there was nothing but me reading scriptures and I reminded them that we could not eat until after church. Unfortunately for them we go in until 1 pm and get out at 4 pm. So on our way into church Koby asked, "Mom when we get home can I EAT ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want?" I ofcourse answered YES. Then once the sacrament is passing by the kids asked if they could have the bread and I said YES and they each took a piece but i have never seen them eat the piece of bread so SLOW. Then before Sunday school finishes Aishas teacher comes to me and says she is CRYING I go and she is shaking and just keeps saying I AM HUNGRY so I grabbed my bag and got her crackers and apple slices and she ate them up like crazy. So we get home and I cook and everyone eats everything but I noticed that Mitchelle really did not complain about much and it turns out that in the morning when she took a shower she said she drank water which did not taste the best and her Primary teacher gave her a treat. Well we tried right thats what counts.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

RC Willey.....An Organic Experience

So most of you know that our freezer went "Kapoot" just recently and well fortunately I am a huge believer of extended warranties so I purchased a 5 year on it and we were on our 3rd year so they came out and tried to fix it and were unable to since there were like 10 cracks in the freezer area because the Sealing system has malfunction (in other words it stopped freezing right because something is busted and everything is going to waste). So with that in mind he declared the fridge "Condemned" and RC Willey would need to replace it. We have been looking around and I got a good amount of credit for the fridge for a new one so I went to the Orem rcwilley and ED BLACK is amazing he was the only one that actually explained anything right so I decided for a BLACK frigidaire and I love it but while I was at the credit desk getting it all sorted with the refund and condemned fridge my family was all over the place so I finished up and Mr. Black came to me and said, "look at where your family is at" So everyone is sitting in a massage chair and loving it, Ruben gets up so I can try his which is great and squeezing the life out of my calfs and then suddenly out of nowhere we all start hearing someone yell, "YES, OH YEAH, OH YEAH, YEs" this is really loud and both Ruben and I look over and see that Mitchelle is just loving the massage chair and we are laughing like there is no tomorrow. Thank goodness we were the last group in RC Willey but everyone who was there laughed right along with us.

This is Mitchelle gotta love her....