Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time to UPDATE

I know. Its been ages since I entered anything in. I have been just too busy and really just now I am able to sit down and update you all on a few things. First of all on Koby and the HC Storm Soccer Team they became Champs in their division. Now I did get an email from his coach saying that this means they went up another division and apparently that is Huge. I really have no idea what it means other than they will be playing against harder teams.
Second, my grandmother past away on September 21. which so happened to land on a Monday. She was a great lady who suffered toward the end but always knew that her son and his family loved her dearly. If you ask my dad why she died he says because it was her turn for Family Home Evening and she was able to get out of it. HA HA! dad.
Third, I am Pregnant. This is baby #6 and lets leave it at that for the moment. :<>
Fourth, my husband has decided to become a US Citizen. So we are studying really hard and have not heard as of yet when his appointment for his test will be. I told the kids that dad had to really do well for his BIG test so they must talk to him only in English so that he is able to understand and communicate back and forth with the Immigration officer. I also said if he does not pass the test then dad would have to live in Mexico and us here in Utah. So believe me when I say that the kids are praying so that dad can pass the BIG Test and we can be a family together forever. :>