Tuesday, February 10, 2009


You would think that since I finished school I would not have to deal with anymore homework. WRONG!!! I have as you know 5 kids but 4 are in elementary school right now and the 2 older ones had SCIENCE PROJECTS due this week. Back in my days (which ok is a long time ago) we had the option of doing a project or a report I always wanted the report because I did not want to put an effort in going to the library and figuring out the dang thing. But here in UTAH apparently a SCIENCE PROJECT is a must. I would not be such a big deal when its just one child but 2 or 3 or 4 ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! So my kids decided to do a group project which Natasha and her friend Olivia did "Slime" Can it freeze and go back to being slime? YEAH Whatever. And koby BLESS HIS HEART!! he did a Sports Science which consisted of Jumping ROPE which by the way people is pretty hard if you are not physically fit. He also did it with a little friend which like I said BLESS his heart was Easy and FUN to put together. So if you are wondering on Koby's the shorter the Jump Rope the more jumps (if you know how to jump right) and a longer jump rope is well good for us that need more time to get a breath in if we are out of breath. I did have fun but I was under too much stress trying to figure things out since i was the only one going crazy trying to schedule meeting with the partners parents. At the end of the day that DANG certificate that they received was well worth it since the project counts for like 50% of there grade. So like my kids said YOUR AWESOME MOM :>