Saturday, August 30, 2008

One more JOB!!

Well it is not enough that I have a full time job, a mother of 5, have 2 dogs, a husband, have a calling at church (which thank goodness it does not require to much of my time) and with soccer practice and games going on and homework because SCHOOL is back, how did I find time for another job? Well I do not know myself but I did and I needed to. With the cost of everything going up and income staying the same it is hard for us low income families to get by now a days especially with gas and orthodontics playing a huge role. Hopefully, I wont have to work 2 jobs for a long time but for right now this means that I have to miss out on Soccer GOALS from my 4 children who are playing. But thanks goodness for a husband who loves us and is willing to go crazy for a bit during soccer season. Just wait until we start doing dance and music lessons.