Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight Movie

Well I have to say that the movie was good but the book is GREAT! First of all since when did Bella become a vegetarian and no cooking and cleaning. What was up with the PJ's? Anyway I will most likely buy the movie but still to me the Harry Potter movies are the best.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I would just like to give THANKS to our Office Manager Joanna Chrisman for purchasing Twilight tickets and taking the whole office to see it. :> YEAH!!! I seriously think that I would not have went to see this movie until it actually hit MOVIES 8. (those of you that know my husband know why I say that :>) Anyways, I cannot wait till Friday 11/21 (tomorrow) the best part is that the whole office has read these incredible books even Dr. Grover, well except Heather H., but we all have our favorites of course. So who is your favorite Jacob (ME) or Edward (ugh) lets see what the poll will be.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween 2009

Well for us repeating costumes was okay, but for grandma not the case. Thanks for the wonderful costumes the kids loved it. In the morning for school they had to dress up in what the curriculum allowed it was not until the night that they got to truly dress up. Even dad joined the fun. For the past 11 years we had to always wear jackets it was always around 20 degrees or less this year no jackets needed and Aisha got to dress up as a Genie ( if i misspelled sorry).


Well soccer has been over for about a month now but still the images are present. Espcially since the kids do not have anywhere to store their items like soccer t-shirt, socks, shoes, balls, and it's not like 1 of them played all 4 of them played. I did end up missing a few games since at the time i was doing the interpreting job and all their games were at 6-8 pm sometimes but for the most part I did not miss a ton since it seemed like every game of Koby's that I went he made sure he kicked one in. He is amazing. Watching him play is truly entertaining. Now do not get me wrong the girls also played excellent but none of them weave in and out like koby. I think I will have to let him watch the movie GOAL more often.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well I decided that my children and husband are much more important than a few bucks more every 2 weeks. That and the fact that the kids homework was going down the hill made me realize that "SCREW IT" I do not need the added stress. So in other words I quit the interpreters job and just sticking to Medical Lingo for now. Thanks to all that thought I was a super woman. Turns out I am just like all of you trying to make things stretch to their limits and realizing later that I am the only one who seems to understand the need.