Sunday, June 7, 2009

HC we come.

Well it's official. Koby Ammon Priego is playing for the CLUB. We have finished filling out the paperwork, I even paid for his uniform and the family number is ours #10. YEAH!!!!!! So all I need to do now is raise the money to pay for his club fees. So if any one has any ideas on fundraising please send them my way. The fee is not cheap but in comparison to other teams its decent. Ruben and I were talking the other night about this decision we made since we were a bit hesitant at first but we both came to the conclusion that KOBY loves the sport and he is just naturally good at it and it is time to say good bye to the city leagues and hello to the CLUB. And an added bonus to those of you who know "GUTS" Wright he also made the team. Triple "A" U-11 HC Storm that is us.