Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting ready for our guest.

Ruben loves when I invite friends or even family for dinner or for just about anything but it is not for the reason you think. Sure he likes spending time with friends and family but what he loves is that I go Nazi on the whole house cleaning. So this past weekend we had a great couple from my work come over and Ruben and Todd hit it off since they both served the same mission (obviously with a 10 year difference). Just wanted to show off my children and how great they are in helping out around the house.

Cleaning the walls, vacuuming, and to top it all off I even had Ruben clean the living room carpet. It really was fun.This picture below is of a few of us from the office at Ashley and Brad's wedding but I put it here because I wanted everyone to See Paco (keep in mind he is only 19 months) big LOVE which is Laci the one on the left. She and her husband were over for dinner and Paco would not get off her. I mean the whole no getting off her. He was completely head over heels. When they were leaving he kept crying. Have to say though my son does have great Taste in his woman.


Valerie said...

That is so great that you get help and that you think it's fun! When I find out someone is coming and I don't have much time, the kids hate it. They don't think we should make the house extra clean for guests. Robin could care less what the house looks like so he is usually filing mail or some other completely useless task. :)

Laci said...

You are too sweet! Your family is amazing! We had so much fun coming over that day. We are up for coming over whenever you want for movies, games, and yummy tacos :) Paco is my little boyfriend! He is the cutest ever. Love ya lots friend!